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As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s obvious that the grocery landscape is going to change drastically within the next 3 to 5 years. Amazon is leading the charge, but it’s not only the grocery sector undergoing a massive transformationall retail environments will change soon, too.

If you need more convincing, just look at INSTACART in Buffalo NY. Customers are able to order their groceries and have them delivered free of charge within 2 hours. Yes, it’s here…fresh food that stays fresh, and ready to go straight into the fridge.

These online players are clearly aware that Millennials represent the majority of their most frequent usersbut are you?

They know that if you want to stay in the race, you need to implement tomorrow’s trend-driven strategy today. This is the only way to deliver what your customers need, and to ensure that you can adapt your offers and strategies on the go. Learn continuously by the minute what your customers want now versus what they wanted yesterday.

The clock is ticking for all marketers. We need to adjust, plan and implement immediately what is going to be necessary tomorrow. Current digital strategies are not sufficient enough to facilitate this crucial ‘customer transformation-behavior shift’.  The current application of digital technologies is simply not optimizing customer interaction capabilities—and your customers are more motivated than you might think to adopt new technology innovations.

You need to include them in your marketing and communication tactics, and be first to market by demonstrating your innovation engagementwalk the talk instead talking the walk. The only way to do this is to have best-in-class, innovative digital channels of communication/platforms.

As at the beginning of advertising and communication concepts, marketers need to again take risks! Customers expect the unexpected from brands, products, services. Customers want everything in real-time. More than ever, Millennials  don’t like waiting for anything; a promo, a product info, a video, a result. They want it now! They want it right!

‘Customer Transformation-behavior shift’ should be the core of your short-term marketing vision. And your vision should incorporate the most user friendly technologies. Technologies that fit current consumer behaviors in a non-disruptive way, and that facilitate interaction with any product, anywhere at any time. Additionally, your user-friendly platform has to let the consumer decide what call to action they want to proceed with! Today’s marketer need to re-invent trends and not be afraid to give the power to their consumers by creating the most advanced ‘pull marketing tactics’.

Marketers must find ways to stimulate these new consumer purchase impulses and brand relationships. Marketing teams need to focus more than ever on ‘why are my customers staying? And/or, why are my customers leaving?’.

Non-disruptive technologies are the answer. We need to stop trying to force new technology adoption such as QR codes or beacons. Clearly the consumers don’t want them, so why impose versus suggesting new tools and see what pleases the marketplace. Why are we not listening instead of pushing?

Marketers need to better explore and work with innovative companies to bring great inventions to market, and embrace with them this phenomenal digital world in order benefit consumers. Technology that serves consumers demands the best.

Millennials are telling us to be ready for change…are you?


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