P​‌ΞΛ​‌k VR

Peak VR is designed to facilitate museums, science centres and public spaces to offer leading edge entertainment systems which are custom tailored to become an attraction and revenue generation tool for your environment.

Dogfight through 50 missions using 10 distinctive aircraft with unique skins, gunsights and flight characteristics.

Play Ace Academy: Skies of Fury and battle your way through to become the top ace over the Western Front.

Sky Warriors is a multi-user air combat experience set in the skies of WW1. Designed to exacting specifications, Sky Warriors features detailed aircraft, cockpits and flight characteristics of aircraft from the Great War. Join your friends in up to a three-aircraft formation battling for air supremacy over the Western front. Utilizing leading edge VR solutions, including custom control devices, VR headsets and motion control simulation, we have created the most realistic and intense flight experience on the market today.

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